Fascination Husky, Tour for Individuals and Groups

Learn to drive a dogteam by Yourself! Special offer for groups between 2 and 4 persons.

After some general informations about our Greenlanddogs and Sibirian Huskies, Yout get the necessary instructions about how to drive and stir the sled, harnessing the dogs and so on. The Tour is guided by a leading team.

Each participant drives a dogteam of 3 - 4 dogs by themselves. Depending on the number of participants, there will be several rotations. Trail 2 or 4 km, not difficult, flat area.

Number of participants between 2 and 4 persons
Duration depending on number of participants
Price 2 km tour, CHF 200.- p.p.
4 km tour, CHF 250.- p.p.
Gift voucher possible
Place Glacier 3000, Lauenen (6 km from Gstaad), Reusch (Col du Pillon) and Sparenmoos (Zweisimmen)
Conditions good balance, normal physical condition.
It is possible to do this programm in combination with passengerrides in case some persons do not want to drive a team by themselves.

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