Business partner Huskypower

After Verena Linder and René Minartz separated personally, the original Loschadej's Huskypower became two independent firms on 1 July 2006. However we still work closely together as business partners, and offer our range of activities jointly:

Huskyman Loschadej's Sleddogteams, René Minartz ( +
Huskypower, Verena Linder (

At Huskypower's shop (run by Verena Linder) you will find everything for the sled dog and active sport dog, from sleds and accessories to feed and other equipment.


Bild vergrössern   Bild vergrössern   Bild vergrössern   Bild vergrössern Huskyman Loschadej's Sleddogteams, René Minartz, Haltenläger, CH-3766 Boltigen (BE), Mobile ++41 (0) 78 856 83 62,